Truth, Ethics & The Power of Documentary: In Conversation with Will Znidaric Part 1

by Paddy Bird on
September 3, 2020

We’ve got a cracking episode this week which I’m really excited to share with you. On a recent documentary binge on Netflix, I kept coming across the same editor’s name again and again. I looked him up, reached out and spoke to the extremely talented Will Znidaric, who cuts in Los Angeles.

Will has been a prolific documentary editor over the last decade, cutting amazing films like the Oscar-nominated Winter on Fire, The Black Godfather, and Five Came Back.

In the first of a two-part series with the two time Eddie Award-winning editor, we discuss everything from his construction techniques, to the ethics in editing, to the emotional engagement of the audience.

Will also describes the very interesting trajectory of his career and how he got his first breaks. There’s a ton of great insight and wisdom that is both fascinating and inspiring.

Will’s Documentaries

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