The Ruthless Art of Subtraction

by Paddy Bird on
May 7, 2021

A successful career in editing has many different component parts. From cultivating as many different client relationships as possible to creating a positive working environment in the edit suite. We need to nurture and craft the creative energy we put out into the industry in a very specific way so that directors want to work with us.

But there’s one place where we actually need to be amoral, Machiavellian and downright ruthless and that place is the timeline. Developing an unsentimental attitude to the vast majority of our raw footage is not just a good idea, it’s essential to our creative survival.

If we don’t master the art of subtracting content and never looking back we’ll never meet a deadline or be confident in any of our creative decisions. On this week’s show I talk through this unique perspective and see how it can be utilised for maximum effect.

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The Power Of Music Editing: Part 1

Saturday, Dec 4, 3PM GMT

Music is one of the most powerful forces on the human consciousness. It is also one of the greatest weapons an editor can have when crafting the emotional journey of the audience. A perfectly scored scene can make our viewers laugh, cry, shock them or break their hearts.

However, next to nothing is taught about the actual rules of how to cut music to a professional level. Search the internet and you’ll find very little in the way of music editing theory and techniques.

This is why we’ve developed a series of 2 hour, live Bootcamps dedicated to mastering this little known part of the art of editing.

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