Sharpening Our Will: The Fuel of the Master Editor

by Paddy Bird on
January 7, 2021

So here we are… the very first episode of Season 2 of Once Upon a Timeline! I cannot begin to tell you how many cool things we’ve got planned over the coming months, and we’re going to keep this show full to the brim of inspirational creative content for you.

A new year so often symbolises a fresh start, maybe a re-evaluation, or a kind of psychological inventory about where we are. So what better way to kick off the New Year than an in-depth look into what I think is the fuel that drives all creativity itself: our will, our drive, that inner fire to create.

We can possess all the skills and abilities we need, but if we do not have that powerful drive inside us, that non-negotiable will to create and edit, then all of our endeavours will never even get off the ground. I think this is the perfect discussion for the start of 2021.

Enjoy the show!

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This Week's Competition Question

This Week's Competition Question

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Track 1: Aphrodite

Composer: Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin
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Album: Epic Inspirations
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Track 2: Atmospheric Entry

Composer: Maksim Tyutmanov,Victoria Beits
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Track 3: Inception

Composer: Boris Nonte
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Album: Hybrid Electro
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Track 4: Translucent Nature

Composer: Anthony Edwin Phillips,Samuel Karl Bohn
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd
Album: Documentary Science
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Track 5: Dreamcatcher

Composer: Sam Cleeve
Publisher: NSLE Music
Album: Cinematic Stories Vol. 2
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Track 6: Absinthe

Composer: Billy Conrad,Sam Keaton
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd
Album: Lush Chilled Strings
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