Essential Editing Skills for the Self Shooter

by Paddy Bird on
July 9, 2020

This week I thought that it would be great to talk through some editing theory from the point of view of one of the unsung creative roles in our industry. The self shooter, the videographer, the online content creator, the all in one filmmaker. This creative artist is everywhere, filming, interviewing, producing, recording sound, directing and of course editing.

They’re creating content for online platforms, corporate production companies, lifestyle brands, news stories, online documentaries, marketing content and website promos. The list is endless as there’s so much content to be made out there and these amazing creative artists are really leading the charge from the ground up in the new wave of filmmaking.

So, in this week’s episode I talk through some essential skills and thought processes that every self shooter should have when shooting for the edit.

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This Week's Competition Question

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