Creative Capital: Applying Economic Theory To Our Timeline

by Paddy Bird on
February 4, 2021

I know, it sounds crazy right? What on earth has economic theory got to do with creative editing?! Well, as a regular listener of Once Upon a Timeline or member of Inside The Edit, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of looking at editing from unique and radically different perspectives. And this week’s show is no different!

There are strong parallels with some economic theories in how we approach the design of any film, and in today’s episode I talk through a huge range of creative principles that helped me design my long form timelines. The only strange thing was, they came from economic and not film theory!

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This Week's Competition Question

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Track 1: Secret Reveal

Composer: David Ashok Ramani,Jonathan Elias
Publisher: ZFC Music
Album: Elegant Solutions
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Track 2: Electronic Fields

Composer: Andrew Michael Britton,David Stephen Goldsmith
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd.
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Track 3: Raindrops

Composer: Ben Beiny
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Track 4: Beauty And Wonder

Composer: Disco Stew,Kenny Segal
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Track 5: Moon-Lit

Composer: Andrew Blaney
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Album: Lush Chilled Strings
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